Living Walls™

About Us

It all started with a trip to Auckland to help a friend shift house…

Andrew Bowman was driving through the eastern suburbs.  He began noticing how houses were surrounded by a higgledy-piggledy mishmash of wooden and tin fences, walls, beautiful hedges and hedge wannabes.

The houses with beautiful hedges looked like homes, a relaxing peaceful retreat from the outside hubbub of suburbia.  The houses with wooden fences appeared cold, hard and, to be honest, uninviting and unappealing.

Andrew’s epiphany – What if people could have ready-made mature hedges, without much fuss, and without waiting years for them to grow?  Houses could become homes, gardens would become havens, and all would be right with the world!

Thus, the Living Walls instant hedges seed was sown (so to speak).

Andrew gained a Bachelor of Horticulture from Massey University in the 1980’s.  His career has spanned the fields of engineering, garden retailing, landscape contracting, and for the last 10+years, growing.

With this extensive nursery, landscaping and engineering experience to call upon, and his passion for hedges, Andrew developed his ideas.  In his well-equipped (and often envied) shed, he came up with the overall system to create the award-winning instant hedging product - Living Walls Hedges in a hurry.

Andrew with his wife, Lisa, owns and operates Twining Valley Nurseries in the magnificent Mangatawhiri Valley, just south of Auckland.

Award winning, huh? 

Yep, winner of the 2008 NGIA Scotts Innovation Award, which celebrates innovation in the NZ Nursery and Garden Industry.

And this is an award-winning website, too - Winner Best Website 2011, Nursery and Garden Industry Association Marketing Awards.


So, what do other people say about Twining Valley Nurseries and Living Walls instant hedges?

"I have to admit that I sniggered when I saw the Living Walls advertisement in a magazine...great idea, great humour, I thought, what are the prices like!  The prices are definitely comparable, the selection great and the service prompt and friendly.

All photographs are clear and crisp giving a true taste of the different varieties of hedging on offer...a must when showing clients.

Planting metres of 'Living Walls' is as satisfying as building in Lego...fits perfectly and looks superb!"

Clare Smith Stevens
Singing Spaces

“I was looking for a solution to address privacy concerns for a number of our clients.  I found the team at Twining Valley Nurseries to be quick off the bat and very helpful.

I recommend Living Walls to anyone who just can’t wait or needs good “bones” to define their landscape.

Nothing else cuts the mustard when it comes to providing a sure fire, healthy, established “soft” option when it comes to highlighting, screening and defining areas in our clients’ landscapes.”

Kim Horgan
All About Landscapes

“I was looking for a solution to instantly add privacy for a client with a new home in a subdivision where solid fences higher than one metre where not permitted.  The 1.8m high hedging that I purchased from Twining Valley was of outstanding quality, the service and advice provided couldn't have been better, the new garden looked more established and I believe the hedging was great value for money.  I recommend Living Walls to anyone who is looking for a hedge or screen whether it is very low or two metres tall.  The product is cost effective and looks brilliant.

I have a very happy client, which is from my perspective what matters to me most.”

Lynn Cairney
Fusion Landscape Design Ltd

“I was really pleased with the Camellia Setsugekka hedge.  The day it went in it was flowering, giving real establishment to a brand new garden. 

Customers immediately see the complete result of their landscape planting…it’s the hedging equivalent of roll out lawn.  The applications are endless.”

Simon Farrell,
Terragona Landscape Contractors

“I contacted Twining Valley Nurseries because I was looking for good quality plants with a special instant effect.

My clients were very taken with the idea of using Living walls hedges in strategic areas throughout the garden. One part involved using Living Wall hedges for the screening of sheds and the garage. By the front entrance we decided to use the instant hedges to create visual effect. The Box hedges framed the patio beautifully.

In all areas the result was stunning. All tradesmen working on the site, our clients and any of their visitors were very impressed. It resulted in a complete transformation of the house site.

The team at Twining Valley Nurseries was outstanding. They were always available to give sound advice and recommendations. Delivery times and quality of plant material was excellent.

I recommend Living Walls to anyone who loves hedges or formal gardens. Anyone who is unsure of which type of plants to use, will find the team at Twining Valley very helpful in giving suggestions involving the huge variety of plants they have available.

Thank you so much for making my work look so good.”

Micha Mahler
Living Landscapes

“For some reason we thought instant hedging was going to be HEAPS more expensive - this is fantastic.”