Living Walls™ instant hedge availability & prices.

To choose a Living Walls instant hedge solution that is right for you, assess your hedge planting site for sunlight hours, shade, wind, frost, etc.

The instant hedge Product availability & prices PDF (below) includes current heights, hedge bag size, site suitability, etc. Prices include GST.

For a delivery quote, please provide your address along with the length and varieties you are interested in.

You can either install your instant hedge yourself, following our guide to Planting your instant hedge, or employ a local landscape contractor and provide them with our instructions. Twining Valley Nurseries is a production nursery only. We do not offer an installation/landscaping service or onsite quotation. 

Please check measurements before planting as all quoted measurements are approximate.

Our instant hedges and pleached screens are grown and sold in one metre lengths.


Download Availability & Prices