Living Walls™ - Hedges in a hurry

Living Walls instant hedges from Twining Valley Nurseries.

Living Walls™ instant hedges and pleached screens have been lovingly tended and formed for years by the team at Twining Valley Nurseries, New Zealand's only instant hedge nursery. Available by the metre, in a range of sizes and varieties. You can enjoy hedging that looks like you planted it years ago, today.

Our instant hedges and pleached screens are grown and sold in one-metre lengths.

Established hedging that looks like you planted it years ago.

Some people cherish the challenge of nurturing and shaping rows of tiny plants into established hedgerows. Others are reluctant to wait three or four, or even more years and settle for something like a wooden fence. Now there is a solution to your immediate privacy and landscaping woes.

Discover more about the Living Walls™ instant hedge range and choose the instant hedge that's right for you.