Living Screen™

Living Screen™ instant hedge range.

Tall-growing hedges.

The Living Screen is the tallest of the Living Walls instant hedges, offering privacy and the framework for your garden. There’s no better way to screen or replace a fence or hard wall, while creating an attractive and effective barrier to unwanted views, both out and in! Living Screen instant hedges provide a useful windbreak and a haven for nesting birds in your garden.

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Our instant hedges are grown and sold in one-metre lengths.

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Which Living Screen™ instant hedge is right for you?



Camellia sasanqua 'Paradise Venessa' - tall growing camellia hedge with long flowering period

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Camellia 'Paradise Venessa'

Ficus tuffi - excellent screening hedge for frost free areas.

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Ficus tuffi

Ilex Largo - dark green, mid-size smooth leafed holly hedge

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Ilex Largo

Michelia gracipes - a hedge with masses of creamy-white, scented flowers opening from velvety bronze buds in spring

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Michelia gracipes

Podocarpus totara 'Ardmore Green' - lovely dense NZ native totara hedge

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Podocarpus 'Ardmore Green'

Prunus lusitanica (Portuguese laurel) - attractive , dark green, large leafed hedge

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Prunus lusitanica