Living Screen™

Tall-growing instant hedges.

Living Screen™ instant hedge range.

We've grown your hedge for you!

The Living Screen is the tallest growing of the Living Walls instant hedges, offering privacy and the framework for your garden. There’s no better way to screen or replace a fence or hard wall, while creating an attractive and effective barrier to unwanted views, both out and in! Living Screen instant hedges provide a useful windbreak and a haven for nesting birds in your garden.

Hedges is this range are usually maintained in the landscape from around 1.2m high to 2.5m high. In favourable conditions and with a little patience, most Living Screen hedge options will happily grow to or beyond 3m tall.

Instant hedges are grown and sold in one-metre lengths. See LIVING WALLS™ PRICE LIST for current heights, prices and availability.

To choose the hedge that's right for you, scroll down, use the filter and click images to discover more.

Which Living Screen™ instant hedge is right for you?



Ficus tuffi - excellent screening hedge for frost free areas.

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Ficus tuffi

Griselinia littoralis 'Ardmore Emerald' - NZ native hedge with rich, dark glossy mature foliage and bright green spring growth

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Griselinia 'Ardmore Emerald' 100L

Griselinia littoralis 'Broadway Mint' - great hedge for NZ native or subtropical plantings. Lush, bright green, glossy foliage.

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Griselinia 'Broadway Mint'

Ilex 'Black Shadow' - glossy, unusually dark, deep green foliage

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Ilex 'Black Shadow'

Ilex Largo - dark green, mid-size smooth leafed holly hedge.

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Ilex Largo

Laurus nobilis ‘Verdi' - dark green, compact bay hedge

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Laurus nobilis ‘Verdi' (bay)

Michelia gracipes - a hedge with masses of creamy-white, scented flowers opening from velvety bronze buds in spring

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Michelia gracipes

Olearia paniculata - dense, coastal tolerant, NZ native hedge

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Olearia paniculata

Pittosporum crassifolium ‘Green Lustre’ is an attractive, coastal tolerant screen.

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Pittosporum ‘Green Lustre’ (karo)

Podocarpus 'Ardmore Green' - year-round green hedge, lovely dense NZ native tōtara

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Podocarpus 'Ardmore Green' (totara)