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The Pleached Screen is a tall premium designer Living Walls instant hedge. Described as a “hedge on stilts”, the pleached screen offers more immediate height and privacy while providing a foliage-free trunk. Great on its own or with a short hedge below.

Pleached Screens are grown and sold in one-metre lengths. See LIVING WALLS™ PRICE LIST for current heights, prices and availability.

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Camellia 'Paradise Venessa' - flowering pleached hedge

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Camellia 'Paradise Venessa'

Fairy Magnolia® Cream - flowering pleached hedge

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Fairy Magnolia® Cream

Ficus tuffi - pleached hedge for frost free areas

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Ficus tuffi

Laurus nobilis - pleached hedge for most locations

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Laurus nobilis (bay tree)

Olive (Olea Europaea ‘El Greco’) pleached hedge for any sunny site

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Olea ‘El Greco’ (olive)