The Living Walls™ instant hedge range.

We've grown your hedge for you!

Living Walls™ Hedges in a hurry instant hedges and pleached screens provide privacy and enhance landscape projects throughout New Zealand. Grown and sold in one-metre lengths, instant hedges and pleached screens come in a wide assortment of varieties, and four ranges. Hedges can be maintained at the purchased height or grown taller, as required.

Living Edge instant hedge graphic

Living Edge instant hedges logo

Low-growing instant hedges.

Install a Living Edge instant hedge to define your garden edge with simplicity and neatness. Use to create parterres and knot gardens. The classic edge for vegetable beds.

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Living Boundary instant hedge graphic

Living Boundary instant hedge logo

Mid-height instant hedges.

When you like talking to your neighbours, but you still want to set boundaries, consider Living Boundary instant hedges. Green up a patio or add an architectural element to your outdoor space. The ideal boundary when fencing is restricted.

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Living Screen instant hedge graphic

Living Screen instant hedges logo

Tall-growing instant hedges.

There’s no better way to screen or replace an ugly (or graffiti targeted) fence than with a Living Screen instant hedge. An attractive barrier to unwanted views both out and in! A useful windbreak and a haven for nesting birds.

In favourable conditions and with a little patience, most Living Screen hedge options will happily grow beyond three metres tall.

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Pleached Screen instant hedge graphic

Pleached Screen instant hedges logo

Designer instant hedges.

Described as a ‘hedge on stilts’, the Pleached Screen instant hedge is a structured hedge which offers greater immediate height and a foliage-free trunk. Great on its own or with a shorter instant hedge in front.

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