Planting your Living Walls™ instant hedge.

Pleached Screen hedge planting guide can be viewed here:  Pleached Screen planting and care guide

For instant hedge planting, either in-ground or into containers or planter boxes, continue reading here and view the specific Living Walls™ instant hedge planting guides below.

​​​​​​Before you begin planting your Living Walls™ instant hedge.

Living Walls instant hedge foliage covers one metre in length per unit, once planted.  However, instant hedge bags and rootballs are shorter at approx 900mm long. Place the hedge rootballs approx 10cm apart for one unit per metre, so the foliage will be touching but not the rootball. See rootball spacing diagram below. Please check actual measurements before planting as all quoted measurements are approximate.

The hedge bag measurements can be viewed here: Instant hedge specifications

Instant hedge - rootball spacing diagram

Your Living Walls instant hedge units have been grown in the nursery with the Living Walls logo (printed on the bag) facing the same direction. For a uniform hedge, place your hedge with the Living Walls logos facing one direction before removing the bags, ready for planting. If we've numbered your hedge bags, place the bags in numerical order left to right. In most instances, this is the order that the units were growing in the nursery, so they should slot together nicely.

It is not ideal, but if required, you can carefully cut the rootball between the plants in the instant hedge units to shorter lengths (i.e. where a half metre length is needed) providing that each separated plant retains a good part of its root system. Cutting the rootball with an old panel or pruning saw is ideal and minimises root disturbance. Trimming the hedge and watering correctly after planting will also help it cope with any incidental root damage. 

Living Walls™ instant hedge planting guides.

Whether you are installing yourself or employing a landscape contractor, you'll want to have a read of our planting guides below, along with our care guide