Before and After.

Inspiration for your own hedge installation project.

Photos of before and after transformations. Projects completed by owners or their landscape teams. Often prepwork and installation completed in a day.

You can either install yourself, following our installation guides, or employ a local landscape contractor and provide them with our instructions.  Twining Valley Nurseries is a production nursery only. We can deliver or arrange delivery but we don't offer an installation/landscaping service or onsite quotation. 

Herne Bay backyard - before
Herne Bay backyard - after
Tauranga new build - before
Tauranga new build - after
Rural revamp 1 - before
Rural revamp 1 - after
Rural revamp 2 - before
Rural revamp 2 - after
Commercial entrance - before
Commercial entrance - after
Hospitality border - before
Hospitality border - after
Parnell - before
Parnell - after
Albany - before
Albany - after
St Heliers - before
St Heliers - after
Karaka - before
Karaka - after
Playground instant hedge delivery
Playground project - adult area
Playground fun
Form and Function
Herne Bay 2 - before
Herne Bay 2 - after
Herne Bay 2 - before
Herne Bay 2 - after